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High Quality Car Parts Warranty

Perfect parts or your money back

3 Months Mechanical Parts Guarantee

Allstar Breakers source and supply the very best quality used low mileage engines currently on the market. Our in-depth quality control measures allow for us to be able to offer 3 months warranty on all our mechanical parts sold, this is not a standard in the salvage vehicle industry.

We do offer and encourage all of our customers to take an extended warranty of up to 12 months to give extra protection

Any engines that are taken with the extended warranty are subject to more in depth inspections than other engine units. Our extended 12 months mechanical parts warranties are available on engines that are less than 5 years old (managers approval required).

Please get in touch with us for a price on our extended warranties as these vary depending on make and model

Our warranties are subject to our terms and conditions of sale and do not cover labour costs.

In the unlikely event that you require to make a claim on your engine warranty, we will require proof of purchase such as the receipt issued at time of purchase displaying that you have purchased all the parts listed on the requirement check list. We will also need the receipt of your mechanics installation showing the parts where replaced at installation. Once we have these lists in full and discovered that the engine did not fail due to overheating or abuse then we will ship your replacement engine at no extra charge, your warranty however does not cover additional labour costs

Allstar Breakers only provide turbochargers that are in very good condition from submitted cars. As each unit is inspected, every individual part is thoroughly checked for defect or suspected fatigue. During this process the turbo can spin at speeds of up to 200,000 RPM. This simulates the Turbo running on the vehicle, any defect in the build process would not become apparent at this point. Only when the turbocharger has passed these tests will the unit be signed off and dispatched.

Warranty liability is limited to the repair or replacement, at Allstar Breakers choice, of the unit in question. Warranty will not be honoured in case of damage or malfunction due to improper installation procedure, misuse, neglect, unauthorised disassembly or alteration, or externally induced physical damage. No warranty is made for any claims for special, indirect, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, unit removal or installation, equipment down-time, prospective profits or other economic loss) due to any defect deemed otherwise warrantable by Allstar Breakers.

Any claim made under this limited warranty must be presented to Allstar Breakers. within thirty (30) days from the date on which the claim arises, along with valid proof of end-user purchase date. All units returned to Allstar Breakers for warranty consideration must be shipped freight prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted.

This limited warranty statement represents the complete warranty offered by Allstar Breakers on its turbos, expressly in lieu of any other warranties, including any of merchantability, or suitability for a particular purpose.

On receipt of any returned turbocharger units, our turbo engineers will dismantle and inspect the turbocharger and determine the cause of failure. We will then notify the customer the results of the fault diagnosis. If it is deemed that the turbocharger has not been fitted correctly or some modification has been carried out by the customer the turbocharger will not be covered under the warranty.

We offer a 12 months parts only warranty which does not cover any labour costs incurred by the customer for fitting or removal. No damages for distress, loss of earnings or costs incurred for independent advice are covered by the warranty.

Warranty does not cover any turbocharger supplied if it is modified in any way or fitted to any other vehicle than that which it was supplied for. Any alteration to the vehicles ECU system or chipping will void the warranty.

If the vehicle is sold the warranty does not pass to the new owner.

In the event that the turbocharger is at fault we will offer (in following order) a repair, replacement or refund.

If the unit is faulty and we cannot fix the issue we will replace the unit with another turbocharger. If no replacement turbocharger is available then we will offer a full refund. In some uncommon instances it may be necessary to return the unit to the original manufacturer for diagnostics and repairs. We cannot predict or be held responsible for turnaround times in these instances.

We also adhere to the distance selling regulations.

If you would like more information about our turbocharger warranty, then please get in touch

*To qualify for our guarantee all the points on our warranty MUST BE COMPLETED. Otherwise no warranty will be provided. It is your responsibility as a customer to keep all the paperwork to prove that these steps where performed. If you have NO PAPERWORK then there is NO WARRANTY, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!