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PEUGEOT BREAKERS & SCRAPYARDGet a quote to scrap your Peugeot in Preston with Allstar Breakers

Allstar Breakers are the premier Peugeot Breakers in Preston, Lancashire, breaking thousands of cars every year, building up quite a warehouse of high quality Peugeot spare parts ready to be sent out on next day delivery straight to your door.

Peugeot Parts

Used parts that are quality checked by Allstar Breakers are tested to the highest standards.  Our breaking team only salvage the best quality parts on all the vehicles that are submitted to us, giving huge savings on high quality used parts.  If you are not happy with the part we send, please get in touch and we will replace it hassle free.

Just give us a call on 01772 70607 or fill in the contact form on the page and tell us the parts that you need and our friendly team will help source your part. If we have it in stock (which is likely) we will be able to post it out to you on many occassions with next day delivery.

Scrap Peugeots In Preston

If you are looking for a bit of extra cash from your scrap car, Allstar Breakers can help!  Your old Peugeot may be worth some money as scrap.  Many people will look to pay a scrap removal person to take their car away, when really there is money to be made by selling to a car scrapper or breakyard.  We buy scrap cars, strip any quality parts and sell these on the used car parts market, with the remainder of the car sold as scrap metal.

Please fill out the webform on the page with any pictures of your vehicle and we will give you a quote for your car. If your Peugeot isn’t driveable then don’t worry, we will be able to pick it up on our delivery truck within 70 miles of our base in Preston.

The value of any Scrap Peugeots is based on the current global value of scrap metal set against the possible value of parts that we may be able to salvage from your car.