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Scrap Car Crewe

Sell your car to us for parts and make more than scrap value

Scrap Your Car In Crewe With Allstar Breakers

Allstar Breakers are a scrap and breakers yard based in Preston, but operate all over the North West. We are interested in purchasing any cars for breaking or for scrap in Crewe. Our service includes a free pickup of your vehicle and we can offer a very competitive price for your car whatever the condition.

The prices that we quote are based on a few different factors. One factor is the global price of scrap metal, whilst another factor is the potential salavagable parts that we can recycle from the car and sell on the used car part market. We will buy any car that is an MOT failure, has accidental damage, is a write off or simply reached the end of its life, and we believe that we can offer the best prices around, so don’t delay, give Allstar Breakers a call today on 01772 700607.

Quality Used Car Parts in Crewe

Allstar Breakers delivers many quality used car parts throughout Crewe and Cheshire in general. In the last few months some of the car parts that we have delivered to the area include wiper motors, indicator stalks, power steering pumps and a few car engines. These have been for many different models of cars like Citroens, Peugeots, Hondas and Fiats. All of our parts are thoroughly cleaned and tested before going on sale, and we offer a three month guarantee on all parts sold.

Scrap Car Colletion Areas In Crewe

Our collection team offers a free scrap car pickup whereever you are in the Crewe area and can deliver any quality car part usually on a next day delivery scheme. We have worked in all areas of Crewe in the past including the following areas:

  • Scrap car map of CreweChurch Minshull
  • Bradfield Green
  • Minshull Vernon
  • Winterley
  • Haslington
  • Barthomley
  • Shavington
  • Wistaston Green
  • Wistaston

How Do I Scrap My Car In Crewe?

Scrapping your car or submitting your car for breaking could not be easier! With the price of scrap metal at an all time high, the power is now with the owner of scrap material, not many years back a person would have to pay for a scrap dealer to come to the premises to remove a scrap car, now the game has changed, with scrap cars being potentially worth hundreds of pounds!

To enquire about scrapping your car or submitting your car for breaking with Allstar Breakers simply fill in the form on the page! Enter your registration number and the other requested fields which will prompt an email to us, once we receive this email, we will work out the amount that we feel your car is worth and  either give you a call or email, (whichever you would prefer) and leave it with you if you would like to go ahead with us.

What Happens When I Decide To Scrap My Car With Allstar Breakers?

If you choose to go ahead with us then we will arrange a time when is best for you for collection of your vehicle, and meet you at that time, with our driver giving you a call an hour before collection for final conformation. Once there we will give the car a quick check over, then if everyone is happy to go ahead, we will give you the cash there and then, load your vehicle on to our truck and bring the car back to our base in Preston.

Allstar Breakers will deal with the DVLA  paperwork that is required and issue you with a certificate of destruction for your safe keeping and conformation that your car is no longer your responsibility and that it will be scrapped legally and responsibly.