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Scrap Your Fiat

SCRAP FIATS IN PRESTONGet a quote for your scrap Fiat toady.

Make money on your end of life Fiat by scrapping your car in Preston with Allstar Breakers. Our scrap car valuation experts will offer you the best prices possible for all scrap Fiat. Our prices are based on the value of the parts of the car that we could salvage for resale on the used parts market, against the current global price of scrap metal, which is around £90 per ton.

If you have a Fiat that you would like to submit to our scrap yard, please get in touch using the contact form on the page, or call us on 01772 700 607 for an instant quote.

We can arrange a time and place to collect your Fiat and our delivery driver will meet you at the time and place agreed and pay you on the day, before bringing your car back to us to be processed.

Spare Parts For Fiats

Due to the nature of our work, we are submitted many Fiats from all across the North west. Many of these Fiats are submitted to us with one particular isseu that makes the car unaffordable to repair – making it a write off. This doesn’t mean that all the parts on the car are in poor condition! If the engine is unrepairable, the catalytic ocnverter may still be in great condition.

These parts are retreived from the scrap car, cleaned and tested for quality before placing on the spare parts market. This is called ‘breaking’ and breaking a car can often provide more you with more money than scrapping alone.

Contact us if you are searching for a spare part for your Fiat. It is possible and actually likely that we may have the part on our shelves ready for delivery. If ordered before 3pm, we will be able to deliver the part to your door the next day! Get in touch with us on 01772 700 607 or online through the contact form.