21a Rough Hey Road, Grimsargh, Preston, PR2 5AR
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Kia Breakers Preston

Scrap Kias & Spare Parts

KIA BREAKERS IN THE NORTH WESTTop prices for all Kias submitted to Allstar Breakers in Preston

To scrap your old or damaged Kia, please fill out the contact form on the site or call us on 01772 700607 for an instant quote

We are often out collecting Kia’s for breaking and scrap parts all around the Northwest. Our collectors are out picking up vehicles that have been submitted to us each day, with different models of Kia collected from Lancaster, Southport, Middleton, Manchester and Warrington to name a few.

Spare Kia Parts

We have a wide range of spare parts available for many models of Kia due to the amount of Kia’s that are submitted to us and have salvageable parts that we are able to sell. We can ship out all parts on the same day, meaning that you could have your part delivered to your door within a day or two

Our Breakers Yard

Our breakers yard is fully compliant with EU law, and reaches the targets set of recycling over 85% of all vehicles that are submitted to our depot. When a car is submitted to us, we examine the car for any parts that are sale-able on the used car parts market and then retrieve these parts. There are many parts remaining of the car that are very toxic if disposed in the wrong way, tyres contain pollutants when burned, not to mention the damage to the environment that liquids such as brake fluid, power steering fluid and old oil can do if pored into drains or onto fields. Allstar Breakers disposes of these fluids in a safe manor. At Allstar Breakers we are committed to helping the environment

Please take a look at some of the vehicles that have been submitted to our breakers yard in the previous few weeks.