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BMW Breakers In The North West

Scrap BMWs and High Quality Spare Parts


Scrap Your BMW In Preston

Get the best prices for scrapping your BMW with Allstar Breakers.  We are looking for all BMWs that are end of life, accident damaged, MOT failures, or even just looking to trade in for a fair price.

BMWs can be an expensive car to run, especially when something goes wrong and new parts are needed.  Due to the expense of spare parts, the market for quality used spare parts is very active.  It is due to this activity that the price we can pay for BMWs is usually higher than it is for other models.

We have a huge selection of spare BMW parts across the entire BMW model range. Due to their quality, these cars last for a long time and generally speaking are mainly scrapped due to accident damage. This means there are usually many parts that we are able to salvage and offer for sale at a fantastic price to our customers.

If you would like to enquire about how much we can offer you for your BMW, please fill in the web form, or give us a call on 01772 700607 to receive an instant quote.

All images of BMW’s have been submitted to our breakers yard previously. Please enquire about parts availability.