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20.02.2013 Billy Blog

Scrap Your Car Legally

Many individuals feel that they can easily dispose of a scrap car without involving an authorised car breaker. However there are a number of pitfalls such as hazardous waste that would break certain rules and regulations if an unwanted vehicle is not disposed of by a government licensed breakers yard.

Dealing with a licensed car breaker will give you peace of mind and certainly avoid any unexpected traffic offenses or even criminal prosecution.

Please be sure to scrap your car legally!!

Hazardous Materials from scrap vehicle

It should be borne in mind that there are a multitude of parts that go into making a car and many of them are not particularly environmentally friendly. There are certain rules and regulations that govern the disposal of hazardous materials such as oil and brake fluids to prevent people dumping them in the normal way they would get rid of household waste. The Environment Agency treats the disposal of toxic waste materials very seriously.

Certificate Of Destruction

scrap your car legallyWhen a scrap yard has an Authorised Treatment Facility permit (ATF) you know that your car will be disposed of legally and professionally by adhering to the End of Life Vehicle guidelines and environmental regulations. This process is essential because a Certificate of Destruction can only be issued by an Authorised Treatment Facility. This is a certificate which is proves that you are no longer responsible for the scrap vehicle and that it has been destroyed in an environmentally responsible way.

Allstar Licensed Car Breakers

Licensed car breakers who hold the sought after Environment Agency permit, must devote substantial resources to make sure that all the hazardous substances that ensue from scrapping cars are dealt with in an environmentally appropriate way. Your authorised car breaker must therefore invest substantially in scrap yard premises dedicated to the process of scrapping vehicles. Additionally as an Authorised Treatment Facility permit holder he must ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place that prevents waste materials such as car fluids polluting rivers and streams.

There are many unregulated car scrap dealers who try to save costs by avoiding the huge expense of becoming licensed by the Environment Agency who insist on dedicated premises and equipment. Invariably rogue dealers advertise on the internet as licensed car breakers but often operate from a back room and simply dump toxic waste in contravention of environment laws. It is therefore strongly emphasised that people should take great care and exercise great caution when it comes to having their scrap car collected to be recycled.

Allstar Recycling

Allstar Breakers is a genuine Authorised Treatment Facility permit holder and obliged to ensure that the maximum amount of metal components such as the car frame, chassis and engine are recycled after taking away and disposing of toxic waste such as batteries and engine oil. People who do not scrap their vehicle through a regulated permit holder could find themselves breaking the law and helping to pollute the environment.

By choosing us to scrap your unwanted vehicle,  you can be assured that your car will be dealt with in such a way as to ensure that there will be no health risks caused by polluting water supplies or contaminating the countryside and affecting wild life. Also you can be confident that you will be free from any risks of prosecution as a result of dealing with an unlicensed car breaker.

We will collect your car and pay you the full scrap cash value. More importantly as an official Authorised Treatment Facility permit holder you will be provide with an essential Destruction Certificate that proves you have scrapped your car in a responsible manner. You will not need to worry about rogue dealers who may put your old banger back on the road with a real risk that traffic offences may come through your door? This is because the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority is notified that your car has been scrapped by All-star Breakers as an ATF fully licensed by the government. You can check us out by visiting our premises in person and ask to inspect our Environment Agency Licence. Alternatively just visit the Environment Agency’s Website check environment agency register