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Where To Scrap A Car Near You

3.10.2021 Billy Blog

When it comes time to scrap your car, you may soon realise there are lots of places that will take your vehicle from you, but where is the best place to go and what should you be looking for?

Well, the price you will get for your car is an obvious consideration, but not always the most important!  Many ‘scrap car dealers’ are not what they seem.  A popular horror story we hear includes the DVLA not being sent the paperwork for a certificate of destruction to be issued, meaning that the car is still registered in your name.  This means you are ultimately responsible for any parking fines, motor offences or anything else that may come from a dangerous car being on the road!

End of life cars are being bought by unscrupulous people, getting a little fixed up (not usually to the required standard) then sold on for a profit.  This is where the issues come in, as mentioned before, you are still responsible for the car that should have been scrapped.

Authorised Scrap Car Dealers

You need to make sure you ask to see a waste carriers licence.  This will ensure that the scrap car dealer is authorised to retrieve scrap cars and that the car will, in fact, be scrapped!

Allstar Breakers is an authorised car breaker and scrap yard that have a waste carriers licence!  Our pick up drivers will be happy to show you when picking up your car.

Scrap collection

Another aspect to consider is how will you get your car to the scrap or breakers yard?  If your car is undrivable, it will be a major inconvenience to organise a truck to deliver the vehicle to the correct yard.  We have drivers in all locations across the North West and will happily come to the place that you choose to pick up your car, put it on our truck and leave you with the money!

How easy is it to scrap my car?

Make a phone call, agree to a fee and a location and turn up.  In essence that is all you need to do.

Call us on 01772 700 607, tell us about your car and we will tell you the price we are willing to pay.  If you accept, we can arrange a time and a place to collect your car.  We will be there when we agree, check the car over, load it onto our van, give you a cheque and then we take care of the paperwork.  We contact the DVLA to issue a certificate of destruction and make sure that the car is delivered to our authorised treatment facility to be broken for reusable parts and then the remaining parts scrapped.

Scrap Cars Across The North West

Due to our flexibility with our delivery drivers, we are able to service the entire North West, meaning that we are local car scrappers to everyone within a 70-mile radius of Preston.

Some of the places that we have been collecting this last month include Bury, Wakefield, Blackpool, Kendal and Maccelsfield.

We have been collecting and scrapping cars for years now and have a highly experienced, friendly team of end of life vehicle workers waiting at the end of the line.  For the first step on scrapping your car, start by giving us a call or fill out the web form online and we will get back to you with our offer.