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What is the Difference Between Car Scapping & Breaking?

It is a question that is often asked. What is the difference between scrapping and breaking?

The answer is basically what happens to your car after it is has reached the end of its servicable life and is sent to the local scrap/breakers facility.

Car Scrapping

When a car is sent for scrapping, the vehicle will be stripped of environmentally damaging components (at least an environmentally friendly yard will do this), weighed and crushed to be sold for scrap metal, possibly ending up as material for a host of metal based fabrication companies.

Car Breaking

‘Breaking’ a car is usually what happens beofre the scrapping part of the process.

When a car is sent to a breakers or scrap yard, there are still a lot of parts that are in good condition and could be used to extend the life of another vehicle, or at least provide a spare part at a fraction of the cost of a brand new part.

Stripping the car of these valuable parts – many times the engines and catalytic convertors, is essentially ‘breaking’.

Any scrap yard dealing primarily with cars and vans will be a car breakers.
Demand for affordable spare parts is very high and scrap yards are often the first port of call when a mechanic informs a motorist that a new part is needed.

Allstar Breakers are ethical car breakers and will be open and honest about the process that we will be performing of the car, and will quote for end of life vehicles accordingly.

Vehicles Submitted to us

If a car is submitted to us for a quote, we will assess the car based on the parts that we can salvage to sell on the spare parts market.
These cars are worth more to us that a car with no salvageable parts as that can only be valued based on its weight and will still need to be stripped of parts that can harm the environment – rubber tyres, oil and fuel left in the car etc.

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