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22.02.2013 Billy Blog

Scrapping your car

scrap car processIf you decide to scrap your car for cash, please make sure that the car is decommissioned at an authorised treatment facility (ATF) to ensure that the vehicle is de-polluted and recycled correctly and to the strict ELV directive which came into force in 2004.  The first job at an ATF is for the car to be examined to see what kind of treatment will be needed for your car, as each vehicle is different from the next, i.e maybe your car has air conditioning or a hydralic suspension system etc.


The de-pollution can begin once the vehicle has been accessed, removing and storing the battery comes first, the battery needs to be stored in an appropriate container and be made ready for a recycling process that re-uses the majority of the battery. All the upholstery is removed, with as much as possible recycled.

Interior Stripping

Once the interior has been stripped leaving the steel feat frames and exposing the loom the frames can be removed and put into a section for steel. The glass, bumpers and rubber trims will all be removed and separated, leaving a bare shell with only the engine/gearbox and suspension remaining.

Fluid Removal

Now the vehicle is at this point, it is now ready for the fluids to be removed, i.e the fuel, coolant, oil’s, air conditioning gas, brake fluid, power steering fluid etc. They will be removed with a special pump and kept separately ready for the individual processes for treatment and disposal, this leaves the vehicle in a near state of completion.

Scrap Separating

he gearbox and the engine can now be removed with the different components separated. The steel and alloy components are separated, the plastics removed and any remaining hazardous materials that are left are subsequently removed such as the lining on the brake/clutch  and any further fluids are removed. The petrol or fuel tank can also be removed at a this point as well as the brake pipes. This leaves a bare shell that is now ready to be crushed and/or melted down ready to be processed into anything from a can of pop or another car!

Allstar Recycling Process

This recycling process recycles usually more than 90% of the vehicle, having a dramatic effect on what would otherwise be a very detrimental act on the environment! At Allstar Breakers the environmental impact is of the highest importance, so even if you don’t choose us, then please make sure that the company you use is a registered ATF and has a valid waste carriers licence.