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Car Scrappage For New Electric Cars

9.06.2020 Billy Blog

Could you be eligible for up to £6,000 towards an electric car?

Details are emerging of an upcoming government approved scheme to offer up to £6000 towards an electric car when they scrap their old diesel or petrol cars.

In the same way that the last scrappage scheme was introduced in 2008, government officials, headed by Boris Johnson, believe that such a scheme can kickstart the ecomomy after the COVID-19 crisis that has effected the economy worldwide.

Registrations of new cars plummeted 97% in April and 89% in May – the lowest levels since the Second World War.

Environmental concerns are also high on the priority list of car buyers and the rise in the popularity of electric cars is testamount to this, however, the high upfront cost of electric cars compared to petrol and diesel cars is still offputting for new car buyers.

The scrappage scheme that is set to be introduced in July aims to offset these concerns to make the cost of an electric car more paletable to consumers.

RAC head of roads policy, Nicholas Lyes, said: “Incentivising the take-up of cleaner vehicle technology might be the game-changing boost the automotive sector needs. Drivers’ concerns about emissions are becoming ever stronger and interest in zero-emission vehicles is increasing.

“But many continue to say that the upfront cost of electric vehicles compared to those of similarly sized conventional vehicles is a barrier to them switching so any sort of scheme which tackles this would be very welcome.

“With more public charging points becoming available and the government looking at clearer pricing for consumers, concerns about range anxiety and ease of charging are likely to decline.

“Clearly, there would need to be some consideration as to how this would work with the existing plug-in car grant scheme.”

Would a £6000 grant be enough to persuade you to go electric? Here at Allstar Breakers we deal primarily with Petrol and Diesel vehicles, but it will only be a matter of time before we are breaking more electric cars and we are set up to deal for that when it happens.

The electric car spare part market is still in its infancy, but will be a huge, growing market place in the next few years and Allstar Breakers will be leading the way.