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26.01.2016 Billy Blog

Price Of Scrap Metal

scrap car from BoltonScrap metal prices, including ferrous metal/steel that is the usual component of cars are subject to change on a daily basis. The current global price of scrap metal is less than $40 a tonne, making it difficult to offer great prices purely for scrap vehicles.

Metal prices have been in the news in recent times, with job losses at UK steel factories with unfair cheap steel being imported from abroad – mostly China being the reason behind the falling price of metal worldwide.

Breaking Rather Than Scrapping

At our ATF (authorised treatment facility) we will always try to offer more cash for vehicles providing that they have parts that are of a suitable quality to go on to the spare parts market. This will mean that you have submitted your car for breaking rather than just scrap. The end result will be the same for you – cash in your hand (just more of it for breaking), but for us, it means stripping parts from your car, cleaning them up, assessing the quality then advertising for sale.  We would be very interested in providing you with a quote for your vehicle if you would like to see how much it could be worth submitting for breaking.

Check out the price of scrap metal on the let’s recycle website, which shows you the changing price of scrap metal prices throughout 2015.

If you would like a quote on the price we can offer you to break and scrap your car, then please get in touch with us either via the contact form on the left, via phone: 01772 700607 or via Email.