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Scrap Cars in Preston – October 2020

22.10.2020 Billy Blog scrap cars

October has brought us a load of new cars to the scrap yard ready to be processed into high quality spare parts.

We have had submitted scrap Hondas, Kias, Landrovers, Peugeots, Renaults, Toyota, Vauxhalls, Volkswagons and even a smart car! (a new one for Allstar Breakers).

Our breakers truck has been spotted across the North west picking up end of life vehicles.  We have spent a lot of time around Manchester collecting scrap vehicles, to bring back to our ATF here in Preston.  If you see us in our truck give us a wave!

Scrap Car Price Guide

All scrap cars that are sent us are thoroughly checked and only the high quality parts are sent for resale.  We will often pay more for a scrap car if there are parts that can be sent for resale.  This is called ‘breaking’ and is a great way to keep costs down for people looking for spare parts.

The price we will pay for a vehicle is based on a few factors:

  1. Global price of scrap metal.  This is currently prices at around £90 per ton
  2. Valuable parts available for resale.  Parts such as engines and catalytic convertors can be valuable on the spare parts market.

On average a resonable car will be bought for around £150, but this is of course subjective to part quality, weight and the materials the car is made of.  Do you have a car that has reached the end of its life?  Looking to make some quick cash?  Get in touch with us for a quote today and see how much we can give you.  Call us on 01772 700 607 or reach out via the contact form on our website for an online quote.

If you are looking for high quality spare parts, take a look at small selection of the cars that our scrap truck picked up and get in touch if we can help.