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Scrap Car Parts In Preston

Quality Scrap Car Parts In Preston

Seen the price of new parts lately? If your car needs a replacement part you may be shocked at the price. Many car garages will buy new parts for your car when you have taken it in to be repaired and put a markup on an already expensive part. The truth is you could source the part yourself from a local scrap yard.

Many scrap yards have tons of high quality scrap car parts that have been stripped from cars before being crushed.

The most popular requested items are used engines and catalytic convertors. We also get a lot of requests for wing mirror replacement covers, bumpers in various colours for different makes and models. If we can help we certainly will!

We don’t list many of the low ticket items so it is definately worth giving us a call on 01772 700 607 if you are looking.

At Allstar Breakers we quality check parts on all the cars that are submitted to us, as many of these parts still have plenty of life and are simply too good to just be chucked away.

So next time your car needs a new part, phone around a few scrap or breakers yards and see if they can help. Many times you will be able to get the same part for much cheaper and often on a next day delivery to your home or garage of choice