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Non Runner Car Buyers

Non Runners For Spare Parts

29.11.2020 Billy Blog

Do you have a non runner that you want to make some cash from?  It could be a project you planned on, but don’t have time to complete, an accident damaged car, an MOT failure that costs too much to repair, or any of the many other reasons for people to have a non runner in their driveway or garden.

Non Runner collection

We offer the best prices for all scrap cars in the North West.  We routinely pick up non runners with our scrap collection vehicle meaning that we can come to your prefered pick up detination, take away your non running car and leave you with the cash.

Preston Car Breakers

Sell your non runner for spare partsAllstar Breakers are the number one car breakers in Preston and our reputation is growing across the North West for the prices we pay for all scrap cars, the quality of the spare parts we salvage and the pride in which we take in out customer service.

To get the most possible money from your end of life vehicle, the best option is to sell your car for parts.  Often, scrap dealers will act as if they are doing you a favour by taking your car away like it is only worth something for the metal to weigh in.  However, many cars have parts that will be fine to be used as a different car.

We don’t pretend to be anything selse than what we are, or pretend to do anything that we don’t.  We offer a price for a car based on a few variables:

  • Age, type and condition of car
  • Salvageable parts available
  • Global price of scrap metal

Taking these variables in mind when offering you a valuation for your car will allow us to offer more for your car than other scrap car dealers.

You could of course remove parts from your car yourself and sell these on eBay or Facebook marketplace for example, but you would have to know what your doing, what the parts your stripping are, and what is required with these parts and of course have the time available to strip, clean and list the parts.  Doing this would of course make more money than we could offer, but set against all the steps required at first is it worth it?

For an honest quotation for your scrap non-runner, give us a call today on 01772 700 607 or fill in the form on the website for an online quote and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.