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Valuable Salvage Car Parts

Many people aren’t aware of the possible cash that can be made from recycling their car. For many years, scrap yards and breakers yards have been labelled as places that are only visited by people who are looking for a quick fix or looking for a legal dumping ground for their old scrap cars.

Here at Allstar Breakers, we know and want to share the full potential value in used car parts and how motorists can save a significant amount in maintenance costs and be environmentally friendly by making the most of salvageable parts from end of life or damage repairable vehicles.

It is an unfortunate fact that car accidents write lots of cars off each year, with the result being that a wide range of salvage car parts are available to the consumer. It isn’t a fact that will help someone who has been in an accident sleep better at night, but if you are in need of a spare part, it may increase the chances that a local car scrap yard will have one available.

If your car is in need of a replacement part that may hit you hard in the back pocket, your local breakers/salvage yard may be rather more inviting – that is why we have large inventory of off the shelf parts available and ready to go straight away. Simply call and let us know the part that you require and see how we can help.

Have you ever wondered what the most valuable replacement car parts are? Here are some of the most crucial components to your vehicle that may need replacing whilst it is under your ownership:

Catalytic converters

catalytic converter is a very valuable salvage car partCatalytic converters are often the cause of many vehicle thefts in the UK, catalytic converters are a big money salvage car item. To get a converter off a vehicle requires the exhaust pipe to be dismantled in front and behind the converter. These parts are very popular, with over 4,000 car catalytic converter models on the market.

Air conditioning

All parts from an Air conditioning unit are generally very valuable. Compressors are usually the most expensive part to replace with the cost often running well into the hundreds. Even the filters and condensers can also cost upwards of £100 to purchase and install.

Car stereo & GP

Stereo can be worth money to a car breakersOne of the most expensive salvaged car parts is also said to be an all-in-one stereo and sat nav system (GPS). Thieves often make a target of mobile GPS units that are left visible in many vehicles as they are often sold on the black market illegally for considerable sums.

Air bags

There is an enormous demand for air bags. When you consider the number of air bags recovered from accident write-offs and multiply that by the lawful requirement of two air bags per vehicle then you can understand the market.

Exterior Parts

Blue Bonnet salvage car partExterior parts are also very popular from damage-repairable vehicles, simply because we all have a prang once in a while.

Some of the more common external salvage car parts include the front bumper, the front bonnet and the rear bumper, all of which can take a bang and are vulnerable on a daily basis. Not only do quality used car parts make good economic sense, you can also do your bit for the wider environment by prolonging the life of existing machinery recovered from a vehicle dismantling ‘breakers yard’ without paying the full price of brand new parts from a dealership.