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Most Scrapped Cars in 2019

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19.03.2020 Billy Blog

The ever popular Ford Focus has been found to be the number one scrapped car in 2019. This is the second year running that the Ford Focus has been at the top of the scrap car list.

Next in line for the most scrapped car accolade are the Vauxhall Zafira and Vauxhall Vectra – second and third respectively.

Vauxhall and Ford models are the most popular makes of car in the UK, so it is no surprise that four models from each make were on this list.

Reasons for Scrapping a Car

There are many reasons why cars are scrapped in the North West (where we deal with scrap cars) and throughout the UK.  Underneath are some of the most common reasons.

Failed MOT

The most common reasons for car scrapping is a MOT test not being favourible, with the cost of repair being too high.

Accident Damage

Failed MOTs or accident damaged cars cannot be resold on the used car market, leaving owners with little option but to scrap the car, or look for prospective buyers of spare parts.

New Release

Another reason that we see people scrapping their car is due to a new release, such as the new 20 plate that was released in March 2020. Some owners cannot wait to sell their vehicle privately, and would rather a make a sale to a company who can guarantee to take it from them quickly.

Car Recycling

Allstar Breakers examine cars that are submitted to us for scrap & breaking and recycle high quality spare parts for the used car market.

This saves the hassle of trying to strip the car of parts yourself.  Our scrap car quotes are reflective of the potential resale value of parts on your car that we may be able to salvage.

Abandoned Cars

Even with the knowledge that you can make money from your car – whatever its state – the amount of cars abandoned at the side of the road has increased.

We are not sure why this would be the case as a quick call to Allstar Breakers can get you some cash for the car.

Allstar Breakers would come and take the car away at a time that is convenient.

Choosing a scrap car dealer such as Allstar Breakers would ensure that the car will be broken at an authorised treatment facilty, meeting government environmental regulations.

Certificate of Destruction

Once submiited to a scrap and breakers yard such as ourselves, motorists will be sent a Certificate of Destruction as proof their car has been scrapped.

This certificate of destruction must be submitted to the DVLA as proof that the car has been destroyed and will take away your responsibility for the vehicle.

GOV.UK has warned motorists could be fined up to £1,000 if they do not inform the DVLA of a Certificate of Destruction.

When you sell or scrap a car, you can claim back any full months of remaining car tax.  Read the Governments advice on how to claim back road tax.

You may also be able to claim money back from a car insurance provider or put any extra credit towards a future policy with another vehicle.

Use the form on the page to contact us about scrapping your car, or if you have any parts that you need for your vehicle. If you would prefer to call, please contact us on 01772 700 607