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Freelander For Scrap And Breaking

Scrap Freelander & SparePparts

Land Rover Freelander Breakers Preston

We have recently picked up a couple of Land Rover Freelanders and brought them back to Preston for breaking.

This Freelander was in pretty good condition (for a scrap vehicle!) with plenty of salvageable parts that we are able to break, clean, test and put up for re-sale.

Parts that are available to be placed on the resale market can help save people a lot of cash! Often, main dealers will order parts new from the manufacturer, costing a small fortune in comparison to a second-hand part.

Mechanics will often have a relationship with a local scrap and salvage breaker, but the nature of scrap cars means that some parts are not available. This isn’t a great situation for mechanics, so they would often buy from the main dealer for ease of delivery, costing more, but reliable.

If you can phone around and come pre-prepared with the part you need, then you will save a lot of money and the mechanics time as the part will be right there!

Take a look at these cars and check out our main Land Rover Breaking page to see more of the cars that have been submitted and processed at our ATF.

Get in touch with us for a quote on your scrap Land Rover, or for any spare part requests.