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How much is your old car costing you?

18.02.2013 Billy Blog

How Much Does Your Old Car Cost You?

BMW for breaking spare partsYour car may be your pride and joy and over the years it has managed to get you from A to B, but have you thought about just how much it might be costing you every year?


The first expenses you may think of are the insurance, the tax and of course the fuel prices! But what about any breakdown cover that you may shell out for, or the interest on a loan you may have taken out to cover the cost of paying for the car? Services, repairs, motoring fines, possibly even renting a garage, there are many little extra costs for your car that really tally up when you think about it.

If you are wondering how much your car may be costing you with all these ‘little’ expenses, take a look at this calculator, just put in the relevant information about your self and your vehicle and you will be shocked at just how much it could be!

Sell your car to us.

We filled out the calculator for an old, small car like a Ford Fiesta with just basic breakdown cover, a low insurance, doing average mileage. It calculated that a car like that would be costing its owner over £3,000 a year to run! And that’s not even counting any parking fines, finance deals or any other ‘extras’. That’s a huge amount of cash that you could be paying out every year.

Did you know that by scrapping your old car, you could be in line for a decent amount of money? Why not enjoy a payout from someone else’s wallet for a change!

Scrap Car Centre

There are many scrap car centres all over the country that are ready to scrap your car for cash, just please be sure to check that the one you choose is an authorised, trustworthy company like Allstar Breakers, that guarantees that your scrap car will be recycled properly, with all hazardous materials removed and disposed off properly in an environmentally friendly way.

The last thing you want to be part of is batteries ending up in ditches or litres of oil down the drain or worse, your car being back on the road and you being liable for any future fines or traffic violations that may occur.

Make sure you choose a scrap car recycling company that can offer the same level of service as Allstar Breakers – Instant quote for your car, free collection, and a Certificate of Destruction, freeing you of liability to the future of the car and proof that the car has been safely disposed of.

So how about it, find out what your old car is really costing you and if it’s more than you thought, think about the lovely wad of cash you could be getting when you scrap your car!