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End of Life Used Engines

What happens to the Used Engine?

When a vehicle is submitted to us at Allstar breakers, there are many parts of the car that may be able to be reused in other vehicles, one of these parts is an engine! Engines can be very expensive to buy new so a used engine can be valuable depending on its condition.

If for example a vehicle was submitted to us, we will always test the engine if the owner is unsure of it’s condition and diagnose any issues that the engine may have. If  the engine was in reasonable working order, the team here will do everything in our power to give the engine a use and hopefully recycle back into the market, saving potentially hundreds of ££ and hundreds of lb’s in carbon emmissions on buying brand new saving your wallet and the environment. Any engine that comes through the door will have to pass rigorous testing to be classed as ‘up to scratch’ as all our engines leave our facility under guarantee and we want all our customers to be happy with our service and parts and of course generate repeat business.

Engine Cleaning

used engine-cleaningWhen removing an engine from a car there is understandably quite a lot of mess! Therefore a good clean of the engine is always required, Using a power hose and elbow grease the excess oil is removed from the engine and the floor that it has made a mess of!

Once the engine is clean and diagnosed as in good conditions we then carefully transfer the engine to a shelving unit, or dispatch it straight away if it already has a new home.