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3.07.2013 Billy Blog

Scrap Daewoos In Preston

Take a look at some of the Daewoos that we have been submitted to us at our breakers yard in Preston. We have been picking up scrap cars including Daewoos across the North west, up to 70 miles from our depo, offering the best prices possible for all Daewoos that are submitted for scrap and breaking.

These cars were picked up in different locations, with one coming from Leeds, and the other from Chorley. The Blue Daewoo was still running, but there was actually more value in the car being sent to us for breaking than there would be if the car was sold on. The Red car had failed its MOT and again, it wasn’t financially viable to fix the car, so it came to us and is being recycled for parts to go back onto the market, with any lower quality parts being sent for scrap.

scrap your daewoo in preston

Spare Parts For Daewoo

Due to the amount of cars including Daewoos that we get submitted, we have a large warehouse facility with high quality, tested spare parts waiting on our shelves to be delivered to your door, with next day delivery providing the order is places before 3pm.

If you need a spare part for your Daewoo, and are looking for an affordable option, please call Allstar Breakers on 01772 700 607 or fill in the web form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

scrap daewoo north west