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Buying Used Car Parts?

Wiser Car Part Buying

Scrap car parts in PrestonAs all car owners can testify some of the biggest costs associated with keeping the car running (other than fuel) are the often extortionate costs of labour and car parts associated with fixing any mechanical or cosmetic problems with their car. The prices of car parts can vary from £10 for new window wipers to thousands for an engine or turbo charged parts! However with the prices of these parts being widely available for people to find out themselves by being computer savvy and typing a few words into Google, a few minutes of research can save hundreds of pounds, changing shopping patterns across the board due to people being able to get the same quality parts online as they could from a garage or dealership for a fraction of the price without compromising on the quality, the new wave of internet led research has opened people’s eyes to the fact that they are being heavily over-priced for car parts, especially when it is so easy to locate and order the car part that is needed and have it delivered to your door from scrap yards and breakers yards across the UK! These breakers and scrap yards are not only saving people thousands if not millions of pounds per year, it is also beneficial to the environment due to the recycling process that is restricting the amount of waste ending up in land fill sites, with many parts that are in perfect working order previously being thrown away.

Breakers Yards And Scrap Yards Are For Really Old Cars Though?

Not necessarily, many cars get into bumps and scrapes and are written off, these are quite often cars that are less than 5 years old, and with the car then having no resale value the cars can be submitted to a scrap or breakers yard, as I’m sure you can imagine there are many parts on these cars that are in excellent working condition and become available for resale (once fully checked) when the car is processed. There are also obviously older cars that are submitted that have reached the end of their life and have more value as scrap than for re-sale, however there is still a big market for these cars as many people have budget cars or old cars and don’t want to spend too much money on any spares and repairs, therefore these old cars can serve a purpose helping people save money by keeping these cars on the road for a while longer without bursting the wallet.

What parts are available from a Breakers-yard?

used car partsBreakers and scrap yards in many cases have on site a warehouse of spare parts, with a huge selection of different wiper motors and arms, wing mirrors, transfer boxes,  gearboxes and engines to name a few. All these parts are assessed, tested and cleaned from cars that have been submitted for various reasons, such as MOT failure, crashes, vandalism and many other reasons. As mentioned earlier, there are obviously many parts from these cars that are untouched by the reasons the car has been scrapped, these parts are then recovered and advertised for sale, with breakers yards getting hundreds of different makes and models every year, there is always a wide variety of parts for most makes and models available, the best way to find out is to simply pick up the phone and call the yard to see if they can help you with your part, if the part is not available, then there are many websites available where you can request a car part and the site will then search through all the registered breakers yards and find a yard that has the available part.

What to enquire about when buying your parts from breaker-yards using a  specialists parts locating service?

Before buying your parts from breakers/scrap yards, follow the  recommended guidelines:

1)  Call the breakers or scrap yard to check availability and talk to them direct as soon as possible because  good quality used car parts parts do sell quickly due to being more than half the price of main  dealers.

2)  When talking to the supplier, you need to ask the  following questions or complete the checks below before purchasing the part you’re after;

  • What condition is the part in?
  • What colour is the part?
  • What is the best guarantee that the breaker-yard can supply?
  • What is the best price they can sell you the part?
  • How long will it take for the part to get delivered?
  • Is the delivery of the parts insured?
  • How do they accept payments?
  • Does the yard have a waste carriers licence? (a legal requirement for authorised dealers)

In conclusion, you can purchase car parts from breaker-yards for a much cheaper price than you can from a garage or the main dealership, without compromising on quality. Additionally, due to the 100′s of cars that breaker-yards such as Allstar Breakers dismantle every month, the variety and range of parts you can get is huge, be it from any make or model of  car. Finally, using specialist’s car parts locating services on the internet can make the searching for parts quick and easy. Millions of car owners are reducing their bills on  car parts and this approach to buying car parts is one of the fastest growing  changes the automotive industry has seen in years.