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BMW Scrap Yard In The North West

21.09.2018 Billy Blog

BMW Breakers

Allstar Breakers collect and break all different types of cars at our scrap yard in Preston, but BMWs are always exciting to get in! BMWs are a testament to German enginering and as such there are many old BMWs out there that are still going strong.

With older BMWs still needing replacement parts every now and again, the demand can be quite high for scrap yards to provide these at reasonable prices as main dealerships can charge a small fortune for ‘branded’ parts, however the amount of scrap BMWs that we get in rarely meets demand.

As a result of this supply and demand issue, when a scrap BMW gets submitted the price that these can bring in is usually more than would normally be offered for a scrap car, so if you have a BMW that has reached its end of life anywhere in the North West, Allstar Breakers would like the chance to offer you a valuation and possibly make you an offer, like we did with the cars that were submitted to us underneath.

BMW Spare Parts

If you need any spare parts for a BMW, why not give us a call! You may be in luck as we never know when a BMW gets submitted to our breakers yard, either way, it can’t hurt to try! 01772 700607