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Car Breakers 2022

20.01.2022 Billy Blog scrap cars
We have been off to a busy start this year, collecting cars for scrap and breaking all over the North West. We have delivery teams out collecting end-of-life cars and bringing them back to our base in Preston seven days a week.  Our service has grown over the years due to our reputation as always [...]

Where To Scrap A Car Near You

3.10.2021 Billy Blog

When it comes time to scrap your car, you may soon realise there are lots of places that will take your vehicle from you, but where is the best place to go and what should you be looking for? Well, the price you will get for your car is an obvious consideration, but not always

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How much Can I get For A Scrap Car?

25.05.2021 Billy Blog scrap cars

Wondering how much you can make from your scrap car? Have a read here of the factors involved in how your car will be valued.

Your end of life car could still make you a good few quid if you choose the correct scrappers!

Once you have read the post, if you want a more accurate quote for your car, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form.

Non Runner Car Buyers

29.11.2020 Billy Blog

Do you have a non runner that you want to make some cash from?  It could be a project you planned on, but don’t have time to complete, an accident damaged car, an MOT failure that costs too much to repair, or any of the many other reasons for people to have a non runner

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Land Rover Breakers Preston

Land Rover Freelander Breakers Preston We have recently picked up a couple of Land Rover Freelanders and brought them back to Preston for breaking. This Freelander was in pretty good condition (for a scrap vehicle!) with plenty of salvageable parts that we are able to break, clean, test and put up for re-sale. Parts that [...]

BMW Breakers

25.11.2020 Billy Uncategorised
BMW's For Breaking In Preston Take a look at these BMWs that have been submitted to Allstar Breakers in November 2020.  These cars had reached the end of their serviceable life, with the parts and labour needed to make the car fit to use, more than the cars were actually worth. We provided a valuation [...]

Scrap Cars in Preston – October 2020

22.10.2020 Billy Blog scrap cars
October has brought us a load of new cars to the scrap yard ready to be processed into high quality spare parts. We have had submitted scrap Hondas, Kias, Landrovers, Peugeots, Renaults, Toyota, Vauxhalls, Volkswagons and even a smart car! (a new one for Allstar Breakers). Our breakers truck has been spotted across the North [...]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Car

31.08.2020 Billy Blog

The average age of cars submited to our breakers yard is around 14, whilst the age of the cars travelling the roads is a little closer to eight years old Need your car to hang on a bit longer? There are hints and tips on how to get the most out of your car and

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New To The Scrap Yard In August 2020

13.08.2020 Billy Blog scrap cars
After a tricky few months due to COVID-19 Allstar Breakers are back fully in action and taking on cars whilst still selling high quality used parts across the country. August has been a month were we are finding a lot of people are choosing to scrap their car after getting a lot of quotes to [...]