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Advantages of Scrapping your Car

There are many benefits to scrapping your car in this day and age, with the price of scrap metal at today’s rates, scrap and salvage merchants such as Allstar Breakers will pay you money for your vehicle, they will normally also pick your car up from where you are, avoiding the risk of you driving an unsafe vehicle! This never used to be the case with the scrap dealer actually charging you for the privilege  of taking your end of life vehicle away, with a lot of the vehicles not even being scrapped in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

Authorised Treatment Facility

ATF’s (authorised treatment facility’s) these days have many rules and regulations to adhere to, helping protect the planet from the hazardous waste that cars can emit  while being disposed of. We all need to dispose of our waste in a responsible manner and old cars are one of those things that should be disposed of in a regulated fashion. When cars come to the end of their life, there are still many materials left inside the car that can be harmful, such as, the brake fluid, air conditioning fluid, any left over petrol or diesel, the battery contains many hazardous material’s that are harmful to the environment and has to be separated and disposed of  in a regulated and controlled environment. Before many of today’s regulations came into force, there were many of these hazardous materials that were simply placed into landfill sites, eventually making there way into our rivers and waterway systems damaging the land on its way, however this type of action has mostly ceased due to the regulations that are in place and the diligence of the general population in knowing the importance of recycling along with government regulations and recycling incentives such as the scrapping scheme that was implemented a few years ago.

Monetary Advantages

Getting something back out of your car once it has reached the end of its life in a monetary sense is always a great benefit but please read through the rest of this site for tips on how to make sure you are scrapping your car to a fully licensed operative and not a rogue trader who may put your car illegally back on the road leaving you responsible for any future parking tickets or fines that may occur.

Recycling Advantages

The recycling aspect is also a great benefit as you are ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t end up in a landfill site hurting the environment, if you don’t want to send your car to a scrap yard there are still environmentally friendly options that you can consider such as donating your car to the fire service or to a charity for them to take care of the hassle and make some cash etc, if donating your car is something you would be interested in please follow the link for more information.